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Spirit Cultural Exchange is a J-1 Work and Travel, Internship and Trainee Program sponsor offering Premium Program placement to international university students. We rely on our international agents to provide excellent support and preparation for participants on our program.

Agent responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting and screening applicants
  • Providing pre-departure orientations to participants
  • Offering general support before participants travel to the USA

After participants arrive in the USA, international agents continue to work with Spirit staff to support participants.

We are interested in connecting with organizations around the globe experienced in recruiting and preparing qualified applicants to participate in our program. If your organization is interested in working with Spirit Cultural Exchange, please complete an Agent ApplicationWe will follow up with you for further vetting if we would like to extend cooperation.


  • Spirit provides personalized and efficient visa processing services which is something essential to our company's luxury hospitality placement demands. The Spirit team is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help.
    Mariana F. | J-1 Intern and Trainee Agent, Switzerland
  • "It has been a great experience to work with Spirit Cultural Exchange. We recruit many Peruvian students every year and we are happy to send them through Spirit because they are commited to us and try to give their best service. We have always had a quick response on their part and they also have a personalized service with the students so they can  have the best experience."

    Diana C. | Agent from Peru
  • “From my experience working with Spirit, I would like to say that your student support is great. It is very good for us as partners to know that the sponsor will be available to the students and will really try to solve their issues. That is something that for me was spectacular comparing to different experiences that I had as a J1 student a couple of years ago.”

    Carina C. | Travelmate, Brazil
  • “As a business partner, we as YERO International Education appreciate your willingness to help us have professional and well-organized Work and Travel seasons. The staff at Spirit always has a great attitude. It has been a pleasure working with Spirit for the past seven years, and we look forward to continued success and teamwork in the years to come.”

    Isilay Y. | Yero International Education, Turkey
  • “What I enjoy most about working with Spirit is the quick response I always get when making an inquiry. Also, whenever I had questions or information I didn’t feel certain about, our Spirit representative was willing to help out. As for our participants, they like coming through Spirit because of the jobs Spirit provided.”

    Milena S. | American Experience, Romania
  • "We enjoy working with Spirit due to the fact that they are open and willing to adapt to the agent’s needs and possibilities, and also they are very quick in providing assistance to the issues we encounter."

    Irina D. | American Experience, Romania
  • "I have worked with Spirit Cultural Exchange about 3 years. I feel comfortable working with them they are so reliable. You guys are very professional while running this program, especially with your standard documents and system. When our participants are in the USA, you take care of our students and make sure they are safe and happy during their program."

    Susan Z. | Beijing Biztour, China
  • "It is a big honor for us to work with Spirit. What we like best is that Spirit has a professional and objective attitude, a desire to communicate and discuss unclear questions, and a readiness to help all the time. Keep up the good work and we look forward to working with you for many seasons to come!"

    Ruzilya Y. | Star Trip, Russia