4 Biggest Work and Travel Fears & How to Overcome Them (Part 3)

July 3, 2017

Spirit offers an Ambassador Scholarship for participants returning to their employer after at least one successful season. This year, Thanaporn T. returned to Tinley Park, IL, as one of our Ambassador Scholarship winners. She will blog weekly about her experiences.

3. I’m worried about not having enough money.

During my stay in America, I have had the privilege of taking a boat on Lake Michigan, watching baseball game and soccer game, Joining the traditional activities like Demolition Derby, Hot Air Balloon Festival, Traveling around Chicago, Wisconsin Dells, and Michigan, joining the parties and meeting interesting people from all around the world. Yeah, it might make your pocket shake. I know you may have heard about the struggles of someone when they don’t have enough money to spend or travel after working. It could be because they don’t have a well managed budget. Therefore, I would like to share a few tips on managing your budget.

First of all, you should record all your expenses and money you have. I prefer to do it everyday and make a weekly summary.You can record it in the application on your phone or notebook. It is very important to monitor and manage your spending on a weekly basis because you can be able to predict what activities you can do after.

Here is my weekly personal budget lists. 

Secondly, you should know how much money you need on average per day. It is almost impossible to plan a perfect daily budget; however, when you plan your spending money every 3-4 days, it is easier to plan.  Most importantly, Making new friends is the greatest experience on any vacation. Meeting new people opens the door to exchanging tips and stories; as well as benefiting from group discounts. Next, you might set a monthly goal for saving money. Once you secure funds to make a trip, you won’t fear exploring the world!