9/10/2010: Chengcheng F.'s Minnesota Adventures

September 12, 2016

This summer I went to two American universities in different states. My employer teaches aviation as a professor at South Dakota State University and my favorite American roomates is studying at that school. I went went to visit her and my employer showed us how to operate a plane. It was so amazing I wanna change my major!

I also visited Minnesota State University Moorehead and the school sent me a T-shirt and a gift. Awesome! I felt like I was an ambassador. 

After work one day we went to Trowbridge Creek Zoo, a little tired but happy. Those animals look like cartoons, that's pretty. We saw the zebra, ostrich, bobcats, kangaroo, parrots, wolves, porcupine, etc. Ringtails are favorite, they are so cute and lovely. We also went to the Mall of America in Bloomington, and then we went to the Valley Fair.

This picture is on our way to Minneapolis with my good American friends. We shared music culture with each other, so fun, haha, everyone likes rap and I was just like I was watching a film of America.