9/6/2016: Harun's Summer in Moab

September 8, 2016

Hello ! =)

Firstly everythings going perfect! I was thinking I had to do skydiving. This was gonna be perfect. I was so excited and I was just a little bit scared :D It was really crazy in my life (by the way I have a acrophobia). Yeah this was completely crazy! This is a great memory in my life :D and I wanna try again. :D Actually I wasn't scared until when I was first jumping out of the airplane, and after that it was so simple :D Skydiving is one of my favorite activities anymore :D

What's next? Certainly rafting :D This was a my first time in rafting and İt was cool but I did not take a photo of that.

Arches National Park! I like this park, İt was amazing. Everbody must to see this place.