Ana's Impressions of Okoboji

June 6, 2017

Anastasiia M. is a Work and Travel participant from Russia living in Okoboji, Iowa for the summer. She's shared her first impressions with Spirit through Instagram.

First Impression
This place is more beautiful then I expected and I'm so glad to be here. I think I'm gonna take a lot of amazing photos! I bet it's going to be my best summer I've ever had!

Post 2
Somewhere in Okoboji It seems like It is heaven I said a lot of times that this place is so amazing. Walmart is such an amazing place, just want to spend there one whole day to be sure that I saw everything and bought what I need. Mini heaven in the heaven, lol!

Post 3
Sort of view from one of our window. It is so nice outside. I like the idea that you can go out side your house whatever you want, just walking next to water and boats and enjoy your life. My brains still thinks that everything is just a bunch of pics. I'm so happy, especially today. "Welcome to America" said a stranger and helped me at Walmart. I was so happy that he helped me, that was really nice of him and I still can't believe that he did that. American people are really nice people and it is better to see a lot of smiling people then people without any emotions or sad people. It is so nice to walk and say "hi" to the strangers because it is not going to be weird. And my 2nd day of work was pretty good, I think I just have to get to used to that and may be I will be able to work in Russia in that kind of work. And yes, I wish I walked more!

Post 4
Just look at this cool School Bus with pretty comfortable chairs, tables and a trash bag... Can we have it in Russia? Please.. And now we're waiting for Social Security Number. So nice to see local houses and buildings, so strange to see it, but i feel like I'm almost at home. The bus is pretty cool, everything is cool! Also it is so nice to see the local nature, but the weather is kind of crazy, because you check the wether in your phone and it says that it is going to be 31 degrees (celsius)  but in real life it is rainy and windy. You have to check the weather every time!