Having a ball at the ballpark

August 11, 2016

Spirit Cultural Exchange is designated by the United States Department of State as a J-1 Program Sponsor for the Summer Work and Travel Program. Our various U.S. based programs offer international university students the opportunity to experience the benefits of cultural exchange while gaining work and professional experience in the United States. Our goal is to provide each and every participant with an enriching cultural exchange experience.

"Each summer, we host about 40 students in our mountain towns in Colorado.  On top of the potlucks and local events that each Store Director provides for his or her students, our Leadership team provides a day out at the ballpark [Coors Field in Denver] as a “Thank You” for working hard all season.  It’s an opportunity for all 40+ students to get together, experience THE American sport of baseball, have a good ballpark hot dog and enjoy time in Denver.  Students sometimes will go out to dinner afterwards, shopping or something else they’ve been waiting all summer to do in the city… I think the break from elk in the street, endless mountain beauty and outdoor fun is a welcomed day off by everyone!" - Brock T., Employer