Show your support for Summer Work Travel and join Americans for Cultural Exchange today!

June 9, 2017

Dear exchange community,

We know you love hosting Summer Work Travel (SWT) students every summer. They work hard, help your business thrive, and bring an international element that your customers love. You also get to contribute to the development of these global leaders and to mutual understanding around the world.

But there are many who don’t understand the true benefits of Summer Work Travel -- that it is good for Americans and great for America. They don’t understand the realities of your seasonal business needs. And they don’t understand the diplomatic power that comes from international students getting to know real Americans and the real America.

That’s where Americans for Cultural Exchange comes in. It’s a grassroots coalition of local American businesses, chambers of commerce, associations, and community leaders who embrace and support Summer Work Travel. The coalition’s goal is to show strong, local American support for SWT, as well as provide the facts about the program to policymakers and the American people.

Join Americans for Cultural Exchange today! There’s no cost and no commitment. You’re just showing your support and doing your part to ensure that the Summer Work Travel program continues to thrive, to support your business interests, and to strengthen American diplomacy around the world.