Thanaporn Returns to the USA!

June 7, 2017

Spirit offers an Ambassador Scholarship for participants returning to their employer after at least one successful season. This year, Thanaporn T. returned to Tinley Park, IL, as one of your Ambassador Scholarship winners. She will blog weekly about her experiences.

"Traveling is one of life's greatest joy"
Would it be better if you can travel with your own money you made!?

There is nothing like the excitement of opening the new door in your life. This door brings me from my private zone to the marvelous land. Land of freedom, red white and blue, called America!

Joining Work and Travel program is one of the most exciting thing to do before you throw your cap in the air for graduation. You can earn money from work and spend it for travel along the way in USA without any doubting from parents.

I can probably say that I made the best decision for my summer 2017 since I said "YES" to my parent about joining Work and Travel in this summer.  Language barrier isn't a big deal. Don't be afraid about that. Everybody here is soooo nice! They are willing to help you anytime.

The world is as big as the place you check-in. It's bigger than you thought when you step out from your comfort zone and make strangers to become your life-long friends.

Can not wait to see what's going on minute by minute here! Everything will be beyond amazing!