Week 1, Post 3: A Weekend Trip to Baños

June 26, 2019

Casa del ArbolBecause I don’t volunteer on the weekends, my friends and I planned a trip to Baños, which is known for its extreme sports and numerous thermal baths and spas. The bus ride from Quito to Baños is around 3 hours. After we arrived, we walked along the street to find numerous candy and clothing shops. We checked into the Selina hostel and prepared for an excursion to Casa del Arbol, also known as “the swing at the edge of the world.” Although it was cold and rainy, there were still clear views from the top of the mountain.

On Sunday, we made an appointment at the spa to get a full-body volcanic clay mask from the nearby active volcano and to spend 30 minutes in a Baños de Cajón. This is a closed box that you sit in, and only your head is visible. It releases steam and is supposed to detoxify the body. After visiting the spa and buying way too many clothes, we headed back to Quito in preparation for volunteering the following day.