Visa Categories

Spirit’s Internship Program includes both Intern and Trainee participants.  The main difference between Interns and Trainees has to do with their professional and educational background.

Interns must be current students or recent graduates of degree or certificate granting post-secondary academic institutions outside the USA. If they are recently graduated, they must start their internship within one year of graduating.  Interns are permitted to train in the USA for up to 12 months.  Their field of training must be related to their field of study.

Trainees must have earned a degree or professional certificate from an overseas post-secondary academic institution and have at least one year of related professional experience completed outside the USA. If they do not have a degree or certificate, they must have at least five years of related professional experience acquired outside the U.S.  Trainees are permitted to work in the U.S. for up to 18 months, unless they are participating in the Hospitality and Tourism program category, which cannot exceed 12 months. Applicant’s field of training must meet one of the following points of criteria:

  • If applicant has 5 or more years’ professional experience, training must be in the same field as the professional experience.

  • If applicant has a degree and less than 5 years’ professional experience, training must be in the same field as both degree and experience.